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Leader Selection

Hire and promote the leaders your business really needs

It costs too much to continue making bad leadership hiring and promotion decisions.

What if you could turn around your leadership team, end poor decision-making, and have the right leaders to drive higher performance?

We help you select and promote the best leaders to move your business forward.

You can:

Define Success
Link your leaders to your business

DDI works with you to create a roadmap of your most critical strategies, and then identify the elements that will define success for your leaders—and tie them back to the business.

We help you define your organization’s key business challenges that leaders must conquer to successfully execute your strategic and cultural priorities. This informs a holistic profile of your leaders by defining the competencies, experience, knowledge, and personal attributes required for them to be successful.

Connect leadership

Start defining success:

Fuel Your Funnel
Map your selection journey

From attracting and recruiting the best, to fast, efficient onboarding, it’s important to have an overall roadmap for a high-impact, high-velocity selection system to deliver exceptional leadership candidates into your funnel.


Build a roadmap for a high-impact, high-velocity selection system:

Predict Performance
Select and promote the best leaders

Data-driven insights ensure your external hires and internal promotions are based on the capability and outcomes most critical for your organization. DDI’s continuum of diagnostic options across the leadership pipeline are tuned to contemporary business issues and configured to streamline your processes and optimize your outcomes.


Make more confident leadership selection and promotion decisions:

Onboard Leaders
Accelerate effectiveness

You need to ramp up new leaders quickly to give them the skills for a strong start by accelerating their time to productivity and transitioning them smoothly into their new roles, the business challenges, and your organization’s corporate culture.

Onboard Leaders

Onboard and upskill your leaders:

Forecast the Future
Apply business and leadership analytics

DDI goes beyond metrics to deliver business and leadership ROI. Make confident talent decisions for your future with deeper insights and data-driven intelligence.

Leadership analytics and measurement are integrated with all of DDI’s assessment and development solutions to deliver the data you need to make better decisions about your talent initiatives as they relate to your business imperatives.

Onboard Leaders

Gain deeper insights that connect to your business:

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