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Leadership Development

Transform your leaders to transform your business

Your leaders are the greatest variable in your company’s ability to drive its strategy.

But, too often, leadership development efforts lack alignment to the business, are poorly implemented, and produce no lasting impact on leader behavior or results. What if you could not only develop exceptional leaders but also achieve consistent, long-term behavior change that supports your business strategy?

With DDI, you can:

Define What Success Looks Like
Connect leadership competencies to business

Only 10% of organizations feel that their leadership development efforts support business goals. DDI’s unique approach identifies your business priorities and translates them into the competencies, knowledge, attributes, and experiences leaders need to be successful—ensuring that your development strategy is informed by—and aligned with—your business strategy.

Connect leadership

Start defining success:

Discover Strengths and Gaps
Diagnose leadership capability

Do you know who’s ready now, who’s not, and who can be developed to become ready?

With better intelligence on your leaders’ strengths and gaps, you can create more focused development initiatives. For your leaders, the compelling insights that come from assessment feedback become their catalysts for change, making development more personal and meaningful.


Start diagnosing your leadership capability:

Develop at All Levels
Build your leadership pipeline

Companies that excel in leadership development across all leader levels have more financial success than those that develop just one or two levels. Developing leaders at all levels creates a common leadership language for your organization and ensures a sufficient supply of the right leaders—ready when you need them.


Start building your pipeline:

Design the Right Solution
Create the best learning experience

How do you design the “right” solution? The sweet spot is where business strategy, department objectives, and the leader’s personal goals intersect. But learners today also demand a “just for me” learning experience that is both relevant and engaging.


You can design, customize, and deliver the optimal learning blend for your leaders with our range of award-winning content and learning reinforcement tools—available across multiple tech-enabled modalities. With DDI, you can infuse your leadership development program with impactful micro courses, simulations, games, application tools, and just-in-time support.

Transform your leaders:

Drive and Measure Impact
Make your solution sustainable

Do your leaders see development just as a series of training events, or worse, as a “flavor of the month” program? Too often, solutions are selected because they are buzz worthy, without taking into consideration overall design and the need to produce enduring change. It’s no surprise that only 15% apply what they learn in training well enough to improve performance.

With DDI, you can crush the forgetting curve, sustain learning and development, and prove to key stakeholders the bottom-line results of your efforts.


Build impact into your leadership development:

Deploy Worldwide
Scale for global implementation

Are you struggling to develop leaders who are dispersed across cities or continents? DDI is built to serve multinational clients! We have the experience and infrastructure to scale and deliver exceptional results across 91 countries. We offer leadership solutions that are available in multiple languages and virtual modalities to deliver your development initiatives wherever your leaders are located.


Transform your leaders worldwide:

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