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Succession Management

Accelerate your next generation of senior leaders

Succession management is the greatest investment you can make in your organization’s future.

Today's successful leaders aren't necessarily the leaders who can take your business where it needs to go tomorrow. But your succession strategy falls flat when aggressive business realities collide with the unknown of who in your talent pool is ready to tackle your business’ future—and whether you can identify leaders who can create shareholder value.

What if you could identify and prepare the right leaders for your most challenging future scenarios?

At DDI, we help you get the right leaders ready faster by building a succession management strategy to:

Architect Success
Define leaders for your business’ future

Our unique approach starts with identifying your business priorities and then translates them into the skills, knowledge, attributes, and experiences leaders need to be successful.

Architect Success

Start defining success:

Magnify Potential
Optimize leadership investments

We help you make the best leadership investments by clearly identifying leaders with the greatest potential.

Your future leaders may be hidden in plain sight within your organization, and DDI can uncover them for you. We ensure a steady supply of diverse, capable future leaders to build a strong and sustainable pipeline.

Pinpoint Potential

Start making smarter talent investments:

Diagnose Readiness
Assess leaders for actionable intelligence

You need a clear snapshot of leader readiness across your organization. One built from deep insights about your leaders and the intelligence to help you accelerate their development—so they are ready faster.


Know who your “ready” leaders really are:

Accelerate Development
Energize leaders for faster growth

Place you leaders’ development on the fast track, with the right combination of learning experiences and executive coaching. When you have the right mix, you can energize and more quickly prepare your middle managers and senior leaders for your organization’s unique landscape—and the challenges that lie ahead.

Accelerate Development

Accelerate your middle managers and senior leaders:

Transform C-Level Transitions
Resolve C-suite promotions

Facilitate continuity in your highest-risk roles by ensuring smooth CEO and C-Suite promotions and transitions. DDI can help you get better data, make better decisions, and blaze a clearer path for your future leaders to ascend to your top leadership positions.

Transform CLevel

Build impact into your leadership development:

Drive Impact
Apply business and leadership analytics

Go beyond metrics to deliver business and leadership ROI that connects to your business. Make confident talent decisions for your future with deeper insights and data-driven intelligence.


Gain deeper insights that connect to your business:

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