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David -
Thanks! I appreciate that, coming from such a fine leadership blogger like yourself (http://www.davidzinger.com/blog/).

Jim -
Did you read the introduction on how they were picked before you flamed me? Come on, lighten up.
BTW, I read Changing Winds (http://changingwinds.wordpress.com/) too - it's good stuff. How about adding your favorite 2010 post to the list? The more the better. I'll also invite you to contribute to my monthly Leadership Development Carnival.

Brian -
Thanks, I will!


Thanks for this great list as I believe you have offered a fine fusion of excellent leadership bloggers and their posts.


I've yet to understand why people persist in making over-the-top claims of "the best" or "best of the best," in this case blogs. Indeed, I have no doubt that these are very good, if not excellent, blogs; in fact, I subscribe to some of them. But let's be grown up here and refrain from high-school exaggerated claims that of the tens of thousands of leadership blogs out there in cyberspace that these are simply "the best."

This is a great list. Keep your eye on www.briandoddonleadership.com in 2011. Very applicable and cool stuff on that site.

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