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Bradford Thomas

Thomasbrad_75px Bradford Thomas is a manager at DDI. Brad has more than 15 years of business development, consultative sales, and marketing experience, working with companies in a variety of industries. He is the co-author of five research studies on talent management. Brad is frequently quoted and published in leading industry publications, including Newsday, the Associated Press, the Montreal Gazette, and Sales & Marketing Management. He has presented at the Strategic Account Management Association Conference, the Frost & Sullivan Sales Executive MindXchange, and the WorldCom conference.

Brad's Posts

Every day organizations make the decision to promote their technical experts into frontline leadership positions. Lacking better information, they assume that their best technical experts must be the best choice to lead technical experts—an assumption that too frequently sends these new leaders over their own professional cliffs.
Posted: 2/13/2014 by Bradford Thomas
Avoid mistakes. How to sort through the dizzying array of available assessments for frontline leadership.
Posted: 8/7/2013 by Bradford Thomas
This case study will examine some of the negative leadership behaviors exhibited by Mr. Jones and their impact on the employees and clients of Mystery Incorporated.
Posted: 8/14/2012 by Bradford Thomas