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Elevate leadership as your #1 business priority

You wouldn’t consider working without a business plan, so why work without a leadership strategy? In the chaos and complexity of a faster world, there is a greater need for integrated strategies and visibility in the C-suite or at the board level.

What if you had the building blocks to establish, elevate, and sustain a leadership strategy as the #1 business priority in your organization? With DDI, you can integrate the major components of your strategy.

We can help move your leadership strategy to the top of your organization’s agenda.

Align Leadership to Business Strategy

The most successful business strategies are grounded in identifying the few most-critical priorities and relentlessly pursuing them. But when your leaders focus on the most critical priorities, they can captivate and move the organization in one common direction, eliminating conflicting priorities.

DDI will help you isolate the top leadership priorities that are essential to execute your organization’s strategic and cultural priorities.

Align your leadership strategy to what matters to your business by:

  • Engaging and energizing senior stakeholders to champion and invest in leadership.
  • Determining your key leadership drivers.
  • Cascading business drivers into Success Profiles.
Align leadership strategy to business strategy

Size Leadership Capacity Gaps

Simply knowing that you need more leaders isn’t enough. Your leadership strategy requires that you specify precisely where you need leaders, how many you’ll need, when they will need to be ready, and for what challenges they are preparing.

DDI can help you clarify the factors that affect the supply and demand of leadership talent in your organization, and identify the type and quantity of leaders you need.

Identify the leaders you need to meet your leadership strategy. Learn how you can:

  • Forecast your leadership capacity gaps.
Size Leadership Capacity Gaps

Accelerate Leadership Growth

Based on your leadership priorities and gaps, you must make choices about which programs and initiatives to build or improve upon so you can stock and grow your pipeline of exceptional leaders. These choices include how best to select leaders, identify potential, assess readiness, accelerate growth, and drive performance.

DDI offers expert and evidence-based advice, solutions, and tools to optimize your talent and HR systems to select, develop, and grow leaders. We work with you to review and re-energize your approaches for leader selection, leadership development, and succession management.

DDI will guide your leadership strategy to:

  • Develop your leaders to transform your leaders to transform your business.
  • Hire and promote the leaders your business really needs.
  • Accelerate your next generation of senior leaders through a succession management program.
  • Maximize your performance culture with the right performance management system.
Accelerate Leadership Growth

Achieve Outcomes and Sustain Results

As with any key strategic objective, you need a clear means of charting progress. You need a way to track the progress and evaluate the impact of your leadership initiatives—and this is often where things get sticky.

DDI can help design a measurement approach and build a leadership dashboard so you can track what’s working and what’s not.

DDI will guide sustainability for leadership strategy by:

  • Evaluating the impact of your leadership initiatives.
  • Delivering insights with leadership analytics.
  • Sustaining momentum for your leadership initiatives.
Achieve Outcomes and Results
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